7 Myths About Having a Website

Most businesses and start-ups often underestimate the importance of having a website for their business while others don’t take full advantage of their website due to certain myths and misconceptions about having a website. This article highlights and confutes the 7 myths about having a website.

I don’t need a website if I am not selling products.

There are a lot more a website can do for your business than just sell products. A website tells a lot about your brand/business. A website or blog is one of the best tools you can use to tell your brand story. Some other things a website can do for your business are:

  • Inform your audience about your business
  • Brand building,
  • Interacting and engage your audience.
  • Promote your business

Through your website, you can acquire leads for your business using contact and opt-in forms or even chat support.


Website promotes you 24/7: No employee will do that.

Paul Cookson


Once I have a website I will start getting traffic.

Many websites owners on the internet today are trying so hard to get a lot of traffic to their websites. No doubt, every website needs traffic but it is a fallacy to believe your website can automatically get traffic or visitors

Getting visitors or traffic to your website takes a lot of work. With the rate at which website owners are working earnestly to get visitors to their website, you will have to put in a lot of work to attract visitors to your website most especially when you have a lot of competitors in your business niche. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC) are great ways to promote your website, get it to appear in top rankings of various search engines and start getting visitors to your site, but it still can take a few months to get a steady inflow from your website. Other ways can include having a blog integrated into your website and posting valuable contents. These contents can be shared across all social media platforms.   You can get started with building your online presence with us by taking advantage of Alphatrion Digital website design and SEO or SEM services.


Having lots of visitors to my website should be my goal.

Attracting visitors to your website is one thing, keeping them engaged and prompting them to take action is another.  What is the use of a website if not to promote your business and boost sales. A good website should be able to convert your visitors into leads. To achieve this there has to be a call to action, an action that visitors can take to get closer to becoming a customer for the business, for example, an opt-in form or a button that says click here to get a quote or free consultation.  Something that will prompt them to fill in the required information that you need from them. The call to action doesn’t have to be actually purchasing something on the website most especially if you are not selling products on your website. Once you have a call to action you can measure how many visitors actually complete your call to action. However, some factors can affect these activities negatively or positively. If you have 200 visitors to your site and only 5 complete the call to action or you have visitors on your website and they don’t even spend time on your website, then you might want reconsider how relevant are the content or information on your website to your users, who is visiting your website (are you getting the right visitors) and the design of your site. Our Conversion Optimization with our SEO package will help you get the most from your website.


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Getting my website to appear on the first page of search result means it was successful.

Getting your website to appear or rank high on the first page of search engine results doesn’t necessarily mean your website has done well. There is a possibility that you may be ranking high for the wrong keywords. Ranking for the wrong keywords means you will be attracting the wrong audience(visitors/traffic) to your website. If you are using SEM then you will be wasting money on irrelevant clicks to your website. When this happens, you will have lots of visitors enter your website, but most of them will leave right away because it’s not what they were looking for. It is important that your website is ranking high for the keywords that your target audience are searching for, keywords related to your niche and business. At Alphatrion Digital keyword research is part of our strategy to source for keywords are related to your business, your target audiences are actually searching for so that clients will get valuable leads from their website.

Having a website is extremely expensive.

Website design and development are extremely affordable these days compared to 4/5 years ago and will probably stay like that for the next couple of years. Websites also offer a great return on investment compared to other marketing expenses.  Constantly updating and maintaining your website only costs a few thousand each year and provides a 24/7/365 resource for your target customers. To own a professional well-designed website that will attract and convert customers will only cost you a few thousand naira. In case you don’t know having a website is a great way of marketing your business online.  You can compare the costs and benefits of having a website and search engine optimization with other forms of marketing.

It is a difficult task for regularly to update my websites.

Far from the truth. As the use of internet increases the trend in web technology increases and improves over time. Since the evolution of content management system websites have become very easy to maintain and update. With the use of content management systems to design and develop websites no technical skill is required to constantly update your website content. When you get a website with Alphatrion Digital, you receive two hours of training for your website on your website works and is structured, so you can fully understand how to update your website without any frustration.

The more visual contents my website has, the better. 

One of the most important factors of a well-designed professional website is speed. The issue of the website speed cannot be overemphasized. The load time (from the time your website address is typed or clicked to the time the pages open) of your website is not something to be taken likely. The faster your website the more time visitors will tend to spend viewing your website. Loading your website with too many visual contents can affect the speed of your websites. It is important you keep your website simple but not too simple. The use of visual contents are important as it attracts users but too much of it can have a negative effect on your website and possibly discourage your website visitors. Make sure your images are well optimized and visible. Never you upload videos directly to your website, rather embed your videos from websites such as YouTube. Avoid too many colours it can cause a distraction as your visitors may not have the same tastes as you. So forcing them to listen or watch something you enjoy may cause them to leave as fast as they can. You also have to keep in mind that they might not have the same technology on their computer as you do. At Alphatrion Digital this and a few other things are considered to build a professional website that will keep your visitors engaged and spend more time on your website.

Build your brand with us today.

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7 popular myths about digital marketing

Digital marketing is gradually gaining ground in the B2B market. A lot of businesses are beginning to see the benefits of using digital marketing to boost sales and build their brands.

With the demand for digital marketing gradually increasing, businesses are beginning to adopt new marketing strategy, but some still have their doubts and false beliefs about digital marketing.

Some businesses or business owners have come to the conclusion that digital marketing isn’t right for their business due to certain misconceptions and popular myths about digital marketing.

My competitors don’t use or have a Digital Marketing strategy.

Digital marketing is fast growing in today’s business world, so many businesses are yet to realize the use or need for it. It is easy to point out a few businesses that are using digital marketing to build their brands. So, you look at your competitors and ask yourself, why do I need it or what do I need digital marketing for?

Most businesses fail to realize that people spend more time on the internet, so, this represents a huge opportunity for your business to reach out to new customers and tap into markets that your competitors haven’t explored yet.

Digital marketing is not and cannot be directly connected to sales

7 Popular Myths About Digital Marketing

Says who? the purpose of generating leads in digital marketing is to do just that, leads are more likely to convert to sales. In digital marketing, it is so easy to link your activities to individual sales.

The digital marketing is 100% measurable.

Digital marketing provides you access to data and information about your marketing campaign such as, analytics and tracking tools that enable you to measure the exact Return of Investment(ROI) from your activities.

“Digital marketing only effectively reaches younger audiences”

Popular Myths About Digital Marketing

The idea that digital marketing can only reach a younger audience is one of the common myths. But it’s certainly not the case.

Depending on who your audiences are, Digital marketing can be incredibly targeted to reach exactly anyone you want, whether young or old.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter have incredibly powerful targeting options that can enable your target audience based on, interest, demographics. Location, behaviours.

With digital marketing, it is easy to reach exactly who you want, where you want, when you want.


“Digital marketing can’t be personal”

Misconceptions About Digital Marketing

It is normal for you to be sceptical of the lack of face to face interactions. For a while, since the rise, if the internet many businesses have turned to digital means such as emails, fax to communicate with their customers.

Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to engage with your prospective customers on social, contact them via email and target them with ads.

Even an active website, can also be a form of communication-based on the interests and concerns of your prospects. As long relevant and valuable communication is guaranteed.

The most important thing is that prospects should be able to interact with your business when they want and when they need to.


 I can never compete with huge brands the budget is too high

Myths About Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing doesn’t necessarily mean you must compete with huge or bigger brands. Small businesses are often with the wrong impression that they can compete because of the immeasurable budgets of the huge brands.

In digital marketing, you can create a strategy that identifies with a niche of your choice, you can work with a small budget and target your niche.

Digital Marketing allows you to set up a marketing campaign that is suits your budget and gain leads that will become the right customers for your business

All you need to do is to establish communication with your targeted audience or customers.


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Digital marketing is only suitable for small business and SMEs

Most huge brands still believe so much in traditional marketing, what they do not realize is they are spending more but are reaching fewer people compared to the huge budget they put into traditional advertising.

Pardon me, I am not saying traditional marketing doesn’t have its benefits, but with digital marketing, you can target the right people and attract new customers with a smaller budget. Social media like Facebook give you such privilege.

With digital marketing, you can measure your result against your return on investment(ROI)



I’ll need an internal team of experts

Businesses often think they will need an internal team to carry out a successful digital marketing campaign.

The question is how trained are they in the art of digital marketing, a team digital marketing professionals or agency can help you come up with a marketing strategy, ignite your brand/business and attract valuable leads.

Spending huge amounts on recruiting and training an internal team of digital marketing experts will be a waste.

You can have a digital marketing agency train your existing team(employees) on how to use the right tools for your marketing campaign.


Key Takeaways

Digital marketing is a very useful tool for attracting and engaging your prospective customers. With digital marketing, you can help your business evolve and continue to attract leads.

Contrary to the myths that have been mentioned, certain benefits of digital marketing are, you can:

  • Calculate your Return on Investment(ROI).
  • Reach your targeted audience.
  • Build customer relationships through social media.
  • Personalize your communication.
  • Carve out a niche market.
  • Implement new sales methods and boost sales



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Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses and Start-ups

Today, most businesses have different ways in which they sell their brands. However, if you’re talking concerning small businesses and startups then crafting perfect digital marketing strategies could prove a difficult task. Choosing to use a traditional marketing strategy will require you to spend beyond your budget. Every business requires a marketing strategy to drive sales. If you are considering social media selling and blogging, it may take a long time to achieve.

So what is going to be the proper possibility for small businesses and startups? Well, one of the quickest and least expensive strategies to reach your target audience today is via the internet. Internet marketing otherwise known as Digital marketing has by far proven very effective for businesses to market their brands and drive sales.

Taking steps towards marketing your brand and boosting sales for your business will require you to set up an online presence. Below are the requirements to begin your internet marketing

  • A Website with your Blog integrated.
  • Social Media Profiles or Pages

Internet marketing services or Digital marketing as it is popularly called requires high expertise. Many small business and startups carryout marketing on their own when clearly they lack the technical know-how to effectively implement strategies that actually work.

Before moving towards techniques and strategies of internet marketing ensure you’re doing following things for your clients:

  • Get a website that is rich in content and has relevant information about your business that will keep your prospective customers engaged and informed?
  • Know the language of your customers and target audience, have a clear picture of what they need?
  • Provide your customers with support to enable them to reach you?

Let’s carefully examine the necessary strategies that will enable you to thrive as a small business or startup company

Digital Marketing Strategies:

There are available options to explore for small businesses and startups in Digital Marketing, the popular and most effective ones in a particular order include, Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Press Releases.

One of the sole purpose or advantages is that, you can find out which of these best works for your business or should I say which one best markets your business. All though there are cases you will be using two or more of these strategies most especially Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing.

The target is to seek out the most effective of the channels which permit you to achieve a lot of customers then, your effort will be targeted on it one solely.

The best techniques of Digital Marketing are:

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization could is a way of getting your business to appear on search engines. The sole benefit of this strategy is to get your business ranking and appear on the first page of search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is a continuous and process for getting your website(business) on the first page of Google once a person searches your businesses. It involves consistent activity on your website to appear in top rankings of the search results because most of the users never head towards the second page of the results on Google.

This merely suggests that if you’re not on the primary page then you stand the risk of not getting your business noticed. One of the advantages of SEO is that you just can get many customers and at the same time get high traffic on your websites.

SEO is one of the most effective ways for small businesses and startups to invest in Online Marketing. There are companies and agencies that specialize in SEO services, you can always pay for their services and get your business on Google.

Warning: Beware of any company that promises to get your business on the first page in just a few days as these companies violate the rules and regulations of the Google Search Engine Optimization process and as a result will lead to major consequences.

Digital Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

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Pay Per Click Advertising:

PPC (Pay Per Click) otherwise known as Search Engine Marketing is a form of advertisement for you are paying only when a person clicks on your Ad.  Google AdWords is the preferred PPC platform on the internet. In this, several businesses bid on keywords and if their bid on each keyword is highest then their ad can appear to every person who searches those keywords at the top of every search engine results. They are always differentiated by a tag that displays Ad and are referred to as paid search results.

PPC ads are very economical for your business which might gain you an enormous variety of customers at intervals a moment once your ads go live. Many companies offer automatic keywords bidding that can help facilitate PPC campaigns for small businesses and startups.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing includes chiefly social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest to acquire customers for your business. this is often a special sort of Online Marketing strategy that creates an opportunity for businesses to directly communicate with their customers.

It is the platform where small businesses and startup companies will produce their loyalty and promote their brand. The amazing fact about it is that it can be done at little or no cost. All that is required is that you create social media pages and handles depicts your brand then start posting relevant contents to those pages.

You can produce Pinterest and Instagram accounts if your business involves selling high visual product like fashion, food business. the sole factor you have got to try and do is to regularly post pictures of product and services of your business on these profiles and you’ll gather an enormous following and build a whole of yourselves.

Another best platform is Facebook. it’s most vital and valuable selling tool today and particularly for small businesses and startups. innumerable individuals on Facebook and you as a business can benefit from this. simply build a page for your business and build it a whole by posting and advertising on Facebook.

digital marketing strategies for small businesses and start-ups

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is that the best tool to communicate and engage with potential and existing customers.

Investing in Email Marketing can amount to huge returns in numbers of returning customers. For small businesses, there are many ways they can engage their customers via email like promoting their new product, announcing mouthwatering offers and giveaways, take feedback, send coupons or company data.

Compared to SEO and others you can be assured about this Online Marketing tool because you have more control over it.

Marketing Strategies for Start-Ups

Content Marketing:

‘Content’ is key when it comes to Digital Marketing. The quality and relevance of your content are critical to your marketing campaign, the ability to retain your existing and attract new customers depends on the quality and relevance of your content. For instance, Google delivers traffic to your website based on how relevant your content is, it is one of their absolute criteria. Most of the individuals believe in contents instead of ads of your business.

With a good Content Marketing strategy, you’re giving your business a brand new identity. It is important that you maintain consistency in creating your contents across your marketing channels such as your Blogs, Social Media Pages, Website contents news and offers.

Just having plenty of well-written articles on your blogs and websites concerning your product and services will attract an enormous variety of customers to your business. By Content Marketing, you can target to new customers to your business and may use those new customers to establish your business as a brand.

Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategies

In Conclusion

Online Marketing is very broad and if done wrongly can cripple your business. It is very important that you have a unique selling point, know what separates you from your competitors and always endeavour to check in on them to know what they are doing. It will help you stay ahead.

Online Marketing Strategy may differ for businesses and startups. It’s all up to you to seek out and analyze the most effective techniques that best suits your brand.

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Best Social Media Management Tools for Business

Are you a digital or social media marketer? if you are looking for a manner to reinforce the productivity and performance of your work in social media, these tools are  the best social media management tools for business and are beneficial:


HootSuite is a social media control tool, designed by Ryan Holmes in 2008. The app supports social network integrations for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and plenty of extra integrations are available through Hootsuite’s App

it’s far the right tool for busy people who, like to devise their movements beforehand of time or greater in advance,

HootSuite is the maximum widely used platform for coping with social media accounts.

Best Social Media Automation Tools



If This Then That, additionally referred to as IFTTT is a loose internet-based service that brings your favored offerings multi-functional vicinity to create chains of easy conditional statements, known as applets. An applet is prompted by modifications that arise inside other internet services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. as an example, an applet may send an email message if the person wants to send the email at a particular time.

Over 400 apps work with IFTTT such as Twitter, Telegram, Google drive, Twitch, weather Underground, Instagram, Gmail, and gadgets like Google domestic, Amazon Alexa, Nest, Philips Hue, and your Android.

With the assistance of IFTTT you may create venture, so your content material may be posted mechanically on many services which you run straight away.

Social Media For Business



TweetDeck is a social media management dashboard application for managing Twitter accounts. It used to be an independent app, TweetDeck later acquired by way of Twitter Inc and incorporated into Twitter’s interface.

TweetDeck offers an extra handy Twitter enjoy by means of letting you view a couple of timelines in a single smooth interface. It includes a bunch of advanced capabilities to help get the maximum of Twitter: control a couple of Twitter handles, agenda Tweets for posting inside the future, construct Tweet collections, and extra.

Social Media Tools for Business


Buffer – a wiser way to share on Social Media

Buffer is a social media management platform relied on and widely used by brands, agencies, businesses, and people to assist power social media results.

Buffer is a software program utility that is designed for each web and mobile platform, to manage social media handles, by providing the means for a user to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Buffer makes it super easy to share any page you’re reading. Buffer is designed to robotically proportion posts for you thru the day

Buffer is one of the best methods to timetable posts and tracks the performance of your contents on all social media systems facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. No need to log into a couple of social debts.

Buffer is a better way to post your updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. It also tracks effects and analyzes the entirety you proportion for you

Social Media Automation Tools



BuzzBundle permits you to connect with your social media profiles from its interface and permits you to control them. you may additionally track the keywords and plan posts,

it’s is a Smart Social Media management software that definitely saves your time and allows you manage conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. you can upload all the present social media handles to BuzzBundle to maintain your ongoing social media marketing campaign or create new social media profiles.

You may join discussions everywhere on the web as numerous people representing your employer, attending to your unswerving customers or client personas. you can add an unlimited number of social accounts to every persona.

BuzzBundle is a complex social tool that allows you to put up feedback and replies, posts, retweets and private messages without leaving the workspace. it is able to connect images and could shorten URLs if needed.

Use BuzzBundle to perform the most flexible campaign with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, boards, blogs, and Q7A websites.

Best Social Media Software



AdEspresso – Simple, Powerful Facebook Advertising Manager – for Facebook marketing.

AdEspresso is a social media device created by HootSuite. It is an alternative Facebook Ads Manager that facilitates and optimize your Facebook Advertising campaigns with whole A/B split testing and clean and effective Analytics. AdEspresso is a powerful tool that allows you to, without difficulty develop your advertising returns.

Social Media Management Tools



Agorapulse is a Social Media Management tool that permits you to integrate your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube into its interface. It is available in both web and mobile platform.  Agorapulse is a multi-functional self-carrier social media CRM platform that permits companies and companies to develop and engage a fan and follower base.

Best Social Media Management Tools for Business

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